Questions & Answers

We have outlined a few questions regularly asked by parents and carers. Please feel free to ask to include yours if not listed here.


Yes you are more than welcome to have a look around any of our nurseries. Ideally we ask that you ring to make an appointment to view so that a manager will be available to take you round and answer any questions you may have. If you turn up without an appointment, we will do our best to show you round the nursery, but please don’t be offended if we turn you away, as the needs of the children in nursery will come first. You will then be given an enrolment form to complete and return.

The nurseries are closed for all Bank Holidays. Unlike some nurseries, we do not charge parents when we are closed.

Yes a deposit is required. On giving four weeks notice and any balance outstanding is paid the deposit will be returned.

We require four weeks’ notice to reduce your child’s days of attendance or to terminate your child’s place at the nursery. Increases in attendance will be accommodated as soon as possible. Changes to booking patterns must take place at the beginning of a week of attendance. Please complete a ‘Change of Attendance Form’ and hand it to a member of our management team who will process it for you. These forms are available from the office and dispensers on parent/carer noticeboards.

We accept cash, BAC’s, Direct Debits and we also accept most major credit and debit cards.

Our staff hold a childcare qualification with the vast majority fully qualified holding a NNEB, DCE or NVQ L3 equivalent and many hold higher qualifications including NVQ L4, foundation degrees in early years and the early years professional/teacher status. A large number of our team are working towards higher qualifications and are supported in this by the nurseries. All of our team are trained in safeguarding children, food hygiene certificates and the vast majority hold a paediatric first aid qualification.

We have a mobile phone policy (which also covers handheld computers such as ipads) which states that they must not be used on nursery premises other than in the nursery office or team areas. We ask that parents and visitors to the nursery keep their mobile phones switched off or on ‘silent mode’ in their bag or pocket and do not remove them whilst on nursery premises. Team member’s mobile telephones and computers are locked in their own locker during working hours and not kept in their coats or jackets which may then be worn whilst supervising children during outdoor play. Under no circumstances are mobile phones or computers ever brought into children’s rooms or areas.

Although all staff in your child’s room will play with and look after your child, he/she will be assigned a key person. This will be a named person who will play a key part in your child’s time at nursery. A key person is responsible for a group of children within that room. They will support your child’s play and learning and of course, mealtimes, health and hygiene routines. This person will be around in the morning or evening for you to chat to, and will share your child’s learning journey with you. As your child gets older and moves rooms, their key worker will change but all information is passed on within that change.

We will try our best to accommodate your preferred start date and booking pattern. You will not be required to make any payments to nursery until we can guarantee a place, at which point we will ask you for a non-refundable registration fee, together with the equivalent of one week’s fees in order to reserve your child’s place (reserve payment). This reserve payment will be applied as your child’s first week’s fees. It is refundable provided you give us four weeks’ notice prior to your child’s agreed start date that you no longer require the place.

We offer water and milk at meals and snack times. We ensure that we offer fruit and vegetables at every snack or mealtime to support parents in providing children with the recommended 5 portions daily. We also use the ‘eat well plate’ to make sure that we offer a wide variety of foods including proteins, carbohydrates and fat.

Our nurseries are popular and there is sometimes demand for places. Our main intake of children takes place in August and September when vacancies are created by our older pre-school children leaving us to start school but vacancies can occur throughout the year.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for all children, and plan activities based around their interests and what they like to do. Next steps encourage children to progress to their next stage in their learning.

Areas such as construction, mark making, role-play, sand and water make learning fun. Your child will learn how to make friends and play together, use their imagination to make up and act out stories, or familiar stories from their favourite books. They will be able to paint, join in with art and craft activities and enjoy music and story times. Whilst playing, they will be learning shapes, colours and numbers and how to problem solve. They will learn the alphabet and the letters and sounds in their names.

All children go outdoors every day as this is an integral part of our curriculum and it enhances the child’s learning. Please ensure your child comes to nursery dressed appropriately for all weathers.

We will support you with toilet training and self help skills such as feeding and dressing.

When a child enters preschool we start to follow a more structured routine (though still led by play), which will helps to prepare children and parents for school.

We use a password system to ensure the safety of your child at all times. You can give your friend / relative a password and let the manager of your nursery know. We will then ask for the password on collection of your child.

Drop off and pick up

In order to open for more children, we have had to make many adjustments to meet the current DfE guidance. Part of this guidance is to have set pick up and drop off times for different groups to reduce the risk of transmission.

I will also have less staff as each team member has their own ‘group’. To do it any other way would impact on the integrity of these groups as the practitioner would have to leave it to bring a child to their parent.

When you arrive in the morning, please park in the large car park and walk your child to the smaller car park for the (2-3 year olds and preschool) and the garden for the baby room.

There will be markings to encourage social distancing whilst you wait for your team members to come and meet your child.

Your children will then join your team members to enter the nursery.

-Talk to your children about coming back to nursery- use the names of the practitioners they will be with and names of their friends

-Countdown to the nursery by using a calendar to mark off the days until nursery

-Send us information about how they have been during lockdown- what they have been up to- has their routine changed- any changes to dietary requirements etc which can be added to your updated information form which was sent via Nursery in a box. The ‘all about me’ (also sent) will help your new key person to plan activities that will support your child from their first day back in the nursery.

The team will not be wearing PPE as a rule unless changing nappies, wiping noses, feeding children (gloves and apron).

If a child becomes symptomatic we will then move them to a safe safe space and the team member with them will wear apron, mask, face shield, and gloves. I have had some child and adult cloth masks and face shields made in for the children to explore during activity time. Our hope is that if they see a practitioner wearing it they won’t become worried or scared.


There will be no two-meter rule between children or practitioners and we certainly won’t allow a child to be upset without a cuddle.

Our babies will be cuddled off to sleep in their key person’s arms, our toddlers will be picked up when they fall and our pre-schoolers will show each other empathy and care if another child needs it.


We hope that there should be some time for communicating with the team at the start and end of each day. At this point, we can not send paperwork home so we will be sending observations via Learning Book to update you on the information you need from that day.

Any accidents or incident forms will be sent via email (Nursery in a box). Please sign and send them back for our records to ensure we are meeting statutory requirements.

Unfortunately, we can not send home any of the children’s creations at this time. We will of course send pictures via Learning Book so you can see what we have been up to.

Yes. Children access the outdoor area every day. Outdoor play is an integral part of our curriculum and it enhances the child’s learning. It also helps to develop strong spatial awareness, co-ordination, balance and movement and develops strong muscles, with opportunities to run, push, pull climb and jump. Outdoor play is vital for the healthy growth and development of all children. The majority of the children within the nursery are placed full time, so it becomes even more important that they should get the opportunity to experience the freedom of being outside in the fresh air during the day.