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Parent Review

Posted on Thu, Aug 28, 2014

What our parents think of us

To all staff at KidzVillage,

 As our son is nearing the end of his time at KidzVillage, we felt it only right to inform you of the profound positive impact KidzVillage has had on H and us as a family.

We had tried three other nurseries prior to finding you, and we encountered unsatisfactory conditions in each of them which we found to be strengths at KidzVillage.

Namely :

 Transparency - We were actively encouraged to observe our son at KidzVillage whereas elsewhere it would seem that even attempting this was a cause for concern.

 Accurate records - We have found your observations of H to be accurate, in keeping with our knowledge of our son, and timely written. Others we have observed to have either retrofitted their observations or possibly made them up entirely.

 Our son enjoys attending - With previous establishments, H was very upset going to a new place. Particularly in light of prior bad experiences he has had. We also observed apathy in staff at other sites after a few weeks of him getting upset. We were very relieved and reassured that this has not ever been the case at KidzVillage.

 Parents are very keen for their children to attend the best university they can, but to our mind the formative years are the crucial ones where the foundations are set for any future learning.  The time and attention that you have given him has greatly boosted his confidence, and will quite likely have positive repercussions that will echo throughout his education.

 In short, we are delighted with all of your time and effort invested in H, we're very pleased we took him to you, and we are very grateful for everything you have done for us. We would not (and will not) hesitate to recommend you.

Yours faithfully

V, H and H W.

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