Our Rooms

Caterpillar Room

Our baby room caters for children from the age of 3 months until they are confidently mobile. We work on a maximum of 3:1 children to staff ratio with the continuity of staff being a priority.

Our baby rooms are bright, cheerful and stimulating, offering a caring environment. The emphasis is very much on providing homely care with lots of play, love and attention. Children are encouraged to explore the world of colour, shape and texture through the use of natural light, toys, adult interaction and lots of sensory experiences.

We work closely with you to ensure your baby’s home routine is followed. This provides continuity and stability for you and your child.

To ensure a smooth, stress-free transition from home to nursery life, convenient settling in sessions are always arranged. During these sessions, which you will attend, your baby’s needs and any special requirements can be discussed with nursery staff.

The babies occupy a spacious and well-equipped room, specifically designed for the younger age group. Scrupulous hygiene standards are maintained at all times as is appropriate for this vulnerable age group. The children participate in a range of activities, focussing on sensory and exploratory play using a variety of mediums, all at age-appropriate levels.


This room caters for toddlers from 2 to 3 years of age with a maximum of 4:1 children to staff ratio. The toddler room is full of busy energy as by this stage, your toddler will be able to experience a wider range of educational yet fun activities that have been carefully selected to stimulate their ever-expanding minds. With their own unique personality starting to come through, children are ready to start developing, social, self-help and life skills.

When it comes to potty training, we will encourage your child to be as independent as possible. All we ask is that you bring in lots of spare clothes in case they have a little accident, so they will have their own clothes ready to be changed into.

With the EYFS planning and observation system in place, the nursery staff will be actively encouraging your child’s interests, offering them further opportunities to explore. Within these rooms, they start to prepare for pre-school, so self-selection of activities and independence is encouraged throughout the day.

Butterfly Room

Our preschool children, aged 3 years to school age who are looked after by our team with an 8:1 children to staff ratio. With the children’s interests being at the centre of all planning, the day passes by quickly, as the fun never stops! Children learn through play.

During free play sessions, children are encouraged to be independent and to make their own choices from a wide range of different activities. A structured day is centred on individual learning where progress is carefully observed and recorded by your child’s key person.

We plan activities for groups and individuals to reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage for the development of pre-school children. There are opportunities to learn at every turn, including early reading and maths skills, imaginative play, mark-making and ICT on computers, which are reinforced through what we call ‘purposeful play’.

At the end of their time in pre-school, the children will have increased levels of confidence and be socially interactive, thus they experience a smooth transition to full-time schooling and a logical progression of their continued learning.



We operate a biometric fingerprint system and CCTV which means that only persons known to us can access to our nursery. This means that no unauthorised person can enter the rooms, and so keeps your child safe.


Day trips can be an important way to enhance the learning curriculum of young children and help them to understand the world around them. These excursions can include an outing to the local park, library or shops.


The outdoor area has all the equipment for the children to freely access, such as balls, beanbags, hoops, creative play equipment and much more. Our outside area is safe and fun environment for the children to learn and play in.

Need help with your fees?

Early Education Entitlement has funded childcare for 3 and 4-year-olds by the government. We are registered to receive the Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) which is available to all children over the age of 3 and covers the cost of 15 hours of preschool education per week during term time. We will be happy to provide more information on this funding when you visit the nursery.

Child tax credit

Child tax credit is available to families who have an income of up to £58,000 per year. There is also a higher payment for families who have at least one child under one year old and for families with children that have a disability.

Help from Employers

Your employer can offer help with childcare by using childcare vouchers which can give a huge saving on your tax and N.I. contributions. To make this saving, your employer will need to pay part of your salary to you by way of childcare vouchers and therefore the cost of childcare is taken out of your salary before tax and NI are calculated.

Working tax credit

Working tax credit is for parents in lower-paid work who are working at least sixteen hours per week.

The childcare element of working tax credit can pay up to 70% of the cost of registered childcare.

Tax Free Childcare

If you get Tax-Free Childcare, the government will pay £2 for every £8 you pay your childcare provider. This is paid via an online childcare account that you set up for your child.

You can get Tax-Free Childcare at the same time as 30 hours free childcare if you’re eligible for both.


The staff are incredibly nice to the kids. It gives me a sense of joy and its really impressive that the kids are all so well mannered which is a major plus for me. My son is developed well beyond his years and in most part it’s due to the dedication of the staff at […]

Joyce -


During the period my son went to Kidz village (for about a year – from the age of about 9 months) the growth and development I saw in him was quite remarkable. The team there do a fantastic job, and we were kept in the loop about what was going on with my son various […]

Adrian -